About us

What is Realty-suvidha?

As a citizen of Kolkata, we often miss out on the basic amenities that is required to live. We the people pay taxes to the Government for our house, vehicles that we own and the roads that we use. But the salient work is not done by the responsible authorities-resulting poor drainage systems, wretched roads, unavailability of proper drinking water etc.

There have been many instances when you badly wanted to voice your grievance against the ongoing circumstances that made your life miserable, but you couldn’t-there comes the concept of Realty Suvidha. Realty Suvidha enables you to raise your voice for your fundamental rights and needs and gives you the power to showcase your views

The stubborn traffic conditions, water logged roads, drinking water, the garbage cleaning system, poor conditions of the Government hospitals, lack of footpaths and walk ways etc, are the basic things that hampers the life of common people.

Our motive is to make sure that your grievance reaches to the authority as a community; Realty suvidha works as a medium, persuading the Government to do the necessary work that is needed in your locality for the betterment of your lives.

Realty suvidha.com wants to serve in social interest and work in a consortium with the Government and private associations to make your locality a place you dream of living in-a place where your fundamental needs and amenities are fulfilled-a place where everything is in its place.

You can join us for the cause of social improvement and raise your voice for yourself and your locality.