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It’s Kolkata that runs like wind,London stands still.

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According to the research done by transport information company ” Infix”, London has been elected to be the most congested and traffic jam affected city in Europe. Yes you heard it right! its London(UK)-every mans’ dream place to live in.

The research was done to monitor the amount of traffic faced by the great unwashed. Report says the capital drivers spent at least 96 hours stuck in traffic jam last year-that’s immense…isn’t it?

The transport of London said that the economic and population growth of the city has taken a dig into the lives of the Londoners which is hindering the fast movement of the city.

So you..who have been staying here since childhood or born and brought up here in Kolkata, never been outside of your own country and has a vehement wish to visit London, probably your dream honeymoon destination! let me tell you that it’s the city that doesn’t work-unlike the river Thames that flows.

On the other hand people in Kolkata, you should feel good about the fact that you never spent more than a 15 minutes in an obstinate traffic jam on Hazra , hati bagan or in Anwar shah, Tollygunj phari or in Central avenue. From Shyambazar , shobhabazar , maniktala to Jadavpur , Bullygunj ,Jodhpur park or Garia one can drive seamlessly by catching up the flyovers.

The grace, charisma, integrity and elegance of your own city, the gaali and mohallas of your locality-graceful it is. The fast paced cars; the Audis’ and the BMWs, one do not need be in London or anywhere else to get a extravagant feeling while driving, especially if you love speed.

As par the reports and polls Pune and Hyderabad has the worst traffic in the country-people just cannot reach out their destination on time there..and Kolkata falls under the cities that have better road, pavements, walkways, and most importantly has amended traffic system along with the cities like Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai.

In the year 2011 the honorable CM of west Bengal Ms. Mamta Banerjee manifested the notion of beautifying the city by cleaning up the banks of Hooghly, paving pathways and planting trees to transform Kolkata into London-‘the city that lacks movement every day

We as common people, want our streets and walkways to be clean and roads to have less traffic while travelling with in the city-little betterment is required in all the aspects. Whether the whole concept of beatifying Kolkata is the same other political manifestos or not, time will answer the surging question.But this is the city that has its own personality and elegance that just cannot be compared with any other city and neither be derived.

From central avenue to kalighat temple, or Eden gardens to Eco park, science city, marble palace or Indian museum or park street for instance; the whole city shines during the day time and glows under the moon light that gets better with the stony plain roads, pavements and excellent traffic systems .That ecstasy and beauty of highest pinnacle should not be compared with London in any way.

live smart; Act smart kolkatans-

you love your life like nobody does and you think you are important to this world, right? so it is inevitable that you do not want to lose your precious life by getting hit by a big truck or a yellow taxi or any other big-small running vehicle. Things to do for a longer life-

Watch, watch and watch again and do not run-watch left, watch right then once again look left and right before crossing the road. This loss of 2-3 minutes can help you not losing your life permanently-walk smart.

Use pedestrian roads for walking when its green- The green light that you see is a signal for you to safely cross the road ;not when its RED, hope you are not color blind.

Get out at curb side- whenever you are getting out of a car or a bus, always ensure that it is the rear side of the passenger seat.

Be a role model for others- Always try to leave a example for others while travelling on the roads. Because your deportment on the road can affect the lives of a thousand.

park your precious car on the right place and use your head- always park your car keeping your eyes open and leave space for other vehicles to move .It doesn’t matter what car you have but your way of driving matters-be responsible.

So, we live in a city that consists huge traditional and historical values. From the old buildings of north Kolkata to the newly made ravishing shopping malls is something that we should always take pride on.

But there lies some basic simple responsibilities that we should always be responsible for. We the people of Kolkata can make it a better place by doing these simple things that can make the beautiful city more exquisite and pleasant to live.

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